Monday, January 03, 2005


Ok, it's about time you got some more info on the house. It's currently got 4 bedrooms and 1 bath. Our idea is to remove one of the bedrooms to combine it with the kitchen for a Kit/Family Room combo. This would also give more counter area in the kitchen. We also want to add another bath in a dormer upstairs.. but more on that later.

We're lucky that Jen's dad builds cabinets, and now that he's retired, he has free time to help us! Thanks Ken!! So after some discussion, thinking, field trips to home depot and menards, and more discussion, the three of us came up with a finalized kitchen design this weekend:

The main differences are:
1) Remove the exising wall on south of kitchen and replace with header beam

2) Move door from current location (behind fridge in this image) to the Breakfast nook.

We kind of lose the Nook aspect and it becomes more of a mudroom, but it was a compromise in order to get a better functional kitchen and countertop area.

Since Jen's dad is making the cabs, we just need to do the work and get new appliances (Stainless Steel baby!). And with the inevitable post-New Years sales, there's bound to be a good deal somewhere.

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