Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Back Blah Yard

Spring is Here!
70 degrees in Chicago today! Woot!

We can't wait to see what things will be sprouting around our new house. We've already noticed some tulip bulbs sprouting right next to the garage, and we think we have two lilac bushes screening us from our neighbors to the north. Can't wait till those bloom.

Unfortunately, we don't have much of a back yard right now. Apparently the PO's had dogs that liked to dig holes. Lots of holes. In fact, our yard could probably shame the suspension systems of several SUVs! In between feeding the Cellulose Blower, Jen took a stab at leveling this into a less dramatic landscape, pruning the bushes and trees, and figuring out what we had to work with.

We're thinking for this year we'll just rototill the yard and throw down some grass seed and hope for the best. As for next year though, we're not quite sure. The yard is almost the same length and slightly wider than the garage.. 24x33. We're toying with the idea of turning this space into a grass-less backyard with a nice patio, trellis, etc. next year, but we're not sure. Here's some more pix.. (the hose is for the blower). If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know!