Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Called in backup

Last week, we received word from Village Hall that our plans were inadequate. [official feedback] We needed to provide a structural bearing analysis including load calculations for the wall that we want to remove, and provide detailed specifications from the manufacturer of the replacement headers we intend to install to verify they will be able to carry the load.

Phew.. And that's the simplified version of our dilemma!

After doing some research on structural engineering, we realized this wasn't something we could accomplish by ourselves, so we hired an official structural engineer (one who has worked with the Village building department before) to specify the changes and perform the analysis and calculations requested. Ken from Ingenii Consulting (fellow U of I alumni!) came by last week to do a site visit and discuss the required changes we would need to make.

Sunday night, he delivered an 11-page report [download] with an insane amount of analysis and technical detail. When Jen read it aloud, it sounded like gibberish! More useful was a copy of our plans he took and marked up with red ink showing the changes we needed to make. Fortunately, there was nothing too major or surprising, but it was more specific than the original plans. Thanks Ken!

So today, Jen stopped by the Village Hall and dropped the plans in the hands of Dan the man who scans the plans. Should have a response tomorrow or Thursday..

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