Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I WANT ...


Pretty Tiles.

Also want:

Arts & Crafts wallpapers from www.bradbury.com - these look pretty cool. I ordered a bunch of samples ($22 just for SAMPLES - so yeah, this is a pricey route) and we've got them pinned up all over the house. Actually, it's a wee bit silly - the house is torn to shreds and dainty little handpainted wallpaper samples are littered about. YEEHAW.

Wanna see what I mean?

CURRENT HUMPRHREY HOUSE PHOTOS Current as of April 22. Enjoy.

And if anybody's in the market, our condo is still for sale - now at $224,900.

I'm gonna miss this joint. Lots of good times here, and it's been so good to us. I've discovered my inner neat freak the last few weeks - having the house clean by 8:30 am every day is really getting to me. And Jason too - I think if he has to hear one more time about his apparent inability to successfully clean out the bathroom sink in the morning, he may go ballistic.

Oh well. :) Later - Jennifer