Wednesday, May 04, 2005


We've been feeling a general lack of progress lately since our main efforts have been structural repairs (sistering basement joists, pouring concrete piers, etc.). But all that changed last weekend.

After Jen sent out a blanket email recruiting friends for help, we had a few people take us up on the opportunity to work out some anger management issues on our walls. It was the long awaited Wallbanger's Ball, and boy did things come down!

To begin with, Scott and Julie showed up Saturday. Jay took advantage of Scott's height to do a sister (double-up) a few joists in the basement while Julie and Jen chased each other around the yard with our old-fashioned manual push mower. Yes, we can be Luddites when we want to be, although Jen remarked that it will be gas-powered if I eat a burrito beforehand.

After a few hours, we decided to move on to the fun stuff-- the Demo. [insert maniacal laughter here] We realized we needed to get a handle of how to rebuild the stairs, and without taking all kinds of measurements on the existing wierd angles, we decided to get rid of the walls to make things easier.

What began as a simple task evolved into destructive mayhem on Sunday when Mike, Sandy, and Sara came by and brought out the sledgehammers. I almost felt sorry for the poor old walls as their evil grins peeked out from behind dust masks. Almost.

Mike, got any feeling in your arms yet? :)

On Monday, Sara took a little progressive therapy and finished the destruction in the closet and bedroom, and even cleaned up afterwards. ROCK ON SARA!

All in all, it was a WAY productive weekend, and we even have photos to show for it! Thanks to all who helped out.. We couldn't have done it without you! :)

Originally posted by Jay, edited a lil bit by Jen. All apologies, hon.


Julie said...

Hey did you guys find anything strange while on your demo derby after Scott and I left?

Julie said...

P.S. Nice... You didn't mention I got to kick through one of the walls with my superhuman "Buffy Power"!!!

Jen said...

True 'nuf. Julie was seriously in slayer form and punched a hole through the wall with her foot that any self-respecting buffy fan could appreciate. GO JULIE! :)