Saturday, May 21, 2005

Premature Evacuation

So ... that whole "we sold the condo - yippee skippy" thing? Maybe a bit too optimistic. While we DID go under contract, not so sure what the *@?! is up now. The buyers had a home inspection on Thursday and apparently, freaked out.

Apparently, they never noticed the windows are original to the building before, and expect us to fix them. SO NOT HAPPENING. Especially since the association is giving owners the option to fix them later this year, and all that info was in the condo meeting minutes, which they received. Plus, they want the bathroom tile re-done.The original glass subway tile doesn't suit them ...

We've told our realtor, after much discussion and not a few choice words, that we'll reglaze the windows (happening today), fix the water stain in the sunroom (it's being fixed by the assoc this week) and patch a hole in a window jamb, but if they want more, they can walk.

As Jason noted, they shouldn't have been looking at vintage if they wanted new construction. I'm just glad I didn't book the moving van. SIGH . ...


Scott said...
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Scott said...

Ahhhh. The joys of buying and selling a home. Just remember to remind the potential buyers that this condo is a total deal.

Jen said...

it's official. condo will be back on market shortly. those people were psycho. SIGH ... more to come! (Seriously, I am looking forward to the day sometime in the next five years when there isn't "more to come". ...

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