Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rocco and Rolling on the Basement

Before doing any construction downstairs, we decided it would be best to start with a clean space. Especially after all the filth that came down when we removed the ceiling in January.

So Jay called up an old friend (and first employer), Rocco to see if he still had his powerwashing equipment and was able to help us out. It was hard to believe when Rocco told us he had the privledge of being handed Link Wray's guitar (rock and roll guitar player most noted for the early feedback and distortion experimentation on his major hit, the 1957 instrumental "Rumble") during a performance on Friday. But if you know him, you know he is a devoted fan of straight up rock and roll, and Link knew he could cut it.

Anyway, Rocco agreed to come by Sunday afternoon with his truck and equipment to give our basement the once over. It was amazing how much stuff came down off our the concrete. At least five layers of paint were on there, plus decades of filth. We had to blast through the floor drain several times just to make sure the water went down.

Once the dirt was cleared, we realized the basement floors actually have a color - Dark Red! Actually, we knew that already, but we had no idea there so many cracks that were invisible because they were filled in with dirt. And the fireplace is made out of Chicago common brick. It might be nice to strip. but then again, it might easier to just paint it!

When the powerwashing was all over, it honestly had a dramatic affect on the basement. It was much easier to see what needs to be done, and envision where things would go.
Thank you Rocco!

Interesting postscript: Rocco and Debbie had actually recently redone their kitchen / family room, and it was featured on the cover of April's issue of Decorating Ideas. Click to see. This also included polished concrete countertops that Rocco built!


Anonymous said...

FYI: the song "rumble" was featured on the soundtrack for tarantino's pulp fiction. But i don't recall just where. Anybody?

jay said...

I'm almost positive Rumble was in Pulp Fiction - I remember hearing it saying "Yeah Baby!" - unfortunately it didn't make the cut on the official soundtrack, although Dick Dale's Miserlou did.

rocco said...

"Rumble" is in the movie but not on the soundtrack, same with "Ace of Spades". they didn't have time to get permission for the soundtrack.

rocco said...

for more info, go to Links official website, which is still under construction, or, that one is a fan site and is the most complete on the net.

Anonymous said...

do you know where the song appeared in the movie? what was going on. this is bothering me. i can't remember!

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