Thursday, August 18, 2005

You might be in rehab if...

  • Every room in the house has at least one tool in it.
  • The new-in-box entry door you bought three months ago still serves as an effective temporary wall in your bedroom.
  • The dishwasher you bought on st. patricks day has moved a total of two lineal feet in the garage (to make room for drywall storage, of course).
  • You've become acustomed to cooking in a small kitchen with a large air compressor in the middle of the floor area.
  • You are only casually annoyed when said air compressor kicks on at 5am due to pressure drops.
  • You consider getting a longer ladder so it is easier to get upstairs, because there are no stairs.


Jen said...


May I add ...

- BYOB has changed in your mind to mean "Build Your Own Bedroom"
- You don't get as worried as you used to when the cat disappears; if you can survive this, so can he.
- You start referring to this as the Summer of Sawdust
- Putting on shoes to go to the bathroom at 1am seems normal

Anonymous said...

been there done that, after three and a half years still doing it on occassion, i feel for you guys

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