Monday, October 31, 2005


This is the scene that greeted trick-or-treaters at Humphrey House this year. We had a few terrified kids who never even made it up the steps!

That's Jason as the Grim Reaper and Scott playing the role of Possessed Priest. I had more of a supporting role as the howling prisoner chained in the basement. That, and Lord Voldemort. :) We had well over 300 kids! Learned that you should only hand out one piece of candy at a time. Learned that the hard way. But still, hope your Halloween was half as fun!


jay said...

The funny thing was.. there was no pattern to how the kids reacted. Some 3 year olds were terrified and others were fine, and downright curious (to see my face under the hood).

Most of the older kids thought it was cool, and others were really scared too (especially when I grabbed their arms! ;-) Of course, having the ominous O Fortuna from Carmina Burana play on loop in the background helped out a lot!

It was fun to make people pause, and force them to get a trick first, to earn their treat. Even the parents loved it!

Anonymous said...

"Ain't no piece of candy worth that!!!" - Trick or Treater that had been tricked

Anonymous said...

My child just about jumped outta my arms! Good Show! I will be stopping by next year!

The Good Father

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