Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The empire of carpet

Nothing motivates you like a deadline, right! After all, if you put things off until the last minute, they'll only take a minute to do! Oh, if those words were true, life would be much simpler.

In reality, we decided to bring in some professional help for some of our final tasks. Although Jay helped Chris (and his pal Mario) install carpet in his basement, we just did not have the time, so we dialed that time-tested chicagoland number... "Eight hundred, five eight-eight, two-three hundred; Empire! "

Yes those of you who grew up in Chicagoland are surely familiar with that little tune. It was so popular in fact that when my little brother Rob was three years old and my parents asked him if he knew our phone number, he responded by singing the Empire Carpet jingle. No wonder the poor kid never calls home! (jest)

Honestly, nothing makes you feel closer to looking at something as a living zone (as opposed to a construction zone) than finished flooring, and boy has it ever transformed our basement. The drum roll please...

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1 comment:

Julie said...

It looks wonderful! You wouldn't even imagine what it looked like before.....


My writing on the floor is gone..... with my irish jig (not so much) over it for good luck is all covered up my the Empire henchmen!