Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hell House

So, I'm feeling a wee bit despondent over the restoration/rejuvenation/renovation of Humphrey House the past few days. "Jen, I feel overwhelmed, too," Jason tells me. But overwhelmed doesn't even begin to describe what I've been feeling. It's not that I'm overwhelmed anymore - that's how it began. Now I feel ... hopeless. The first thing I see every morning when I open my eyes? Cracked walls covered with decades-old strips of green glue that once held on tacky pressboard paneling that now I would even prefer to the shock of utter chaos I see every a.m. And I'm a chaotic person, truth be told, so chaos shouldn't/didn't bother me. But now, I feel like a tornado must after it destroys a small town - spent, wasted, and feeling melancholy for the good old days.

I've never been a fan of cleaning - anyone who knows me can attest to this fact - but I always came through in the end. Now, I don't see a point. The place is a disaster no matter what I do - we have nowhere to put the things we own, why bother inventing a new place all the time? Why not just leave it be? I know this is a bad attitude, but I currently don't know what to do to change it. Maybe I will just have another glass of wine ...


Anonymous said...

pour me one to sweetie, thats how it is for us and we haven't even really begun the renovating as you have (just added here and there and not finished a damn thing) all this with four kids underfoot each step of the way. one day you will read all this and laugh as yer sitting in your beautiful house done just the way you wanted it. gotta love the clutter and mess......

Julie said...

You can come and stay with me in Cabo anytime. You can bring the Merlinator also, but we must protect Merlin or the overwhelming smell of yummy good taco's could very well be....... Tacos de Tor de Merlin!

Now that would make you sad to loose your itty bitty little kitty!

Smile! We all love you. We bring you wine!

P.S. I called a lawyer, he said I'm fine if I got a bucket of fried chicken for Kenny - he'd probably drop the charges!

Jen said...

Thanks for all your luv & support (sniffle, sniffle) ... muchas gracias ...

"I'm going to hire me a wino
To decorate our home
So you'll feel more at ease here
And you won't need to roam
Take out the dining room table
and put a bar along that wall,
With a neon sign to point the way
to our bathroom down the hall ... "

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