Monday, November 21, 2005

Things we learned last weekend

As we wrap up work on the basement, Jen and I have learned a few things:

- Wet sanding drywall is just as messy, but in a different way than dry sanding. This has advantages by letting you actually be able to breathe (without dust) and sponge/squeeze the sanded drywall mud instead of shopvac-ing it.

- Vintage doors are quite amenable to reuse. They are crafted with complicated joints, and are much more solid than most modern doors, making them excellent sound barriers for noisy utility rooms. Semi-gloss paint breathes new life into them with ease for a brighter basement.

- Painting and priming stairways with hard to reach places is not fun. Quite possibly the biggest downfall to increased headroom. On the marginally positive side, back and arm muscles get a fabulous workout as they contort into previously unexplored positions while balancing on a ladder.


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Julie said...

I am good at wet sanding! Now this is the time you call me in! It's actually one of my favorite renovation activities! After all, I don't work on Wednesday's and all you have to do is give me a list and maybe I'll get it done. You know...... Merlin would make an excellent wet sanding rag...
Smile....who loves your boodakitty!

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