Monday, April 10, 2006

A Fairy Tale State of Mind ...

Friday is our big meeting with the EV over the upstairs redo. You know, sometimes I forget that the second floor is even there; we've spent so little time up there doing much besides ripping walls down that it's hard to imagine a time will come when most of our evenings is spent ten feet above the ground. I was trying my best to visualize this today, squeezing my eyes shut and imagining the fabulous built-ins that hold sweaters and socks and shoes in the tranquil and non-cluttered master bedroom, the incredible bathroom that will provide hours of zen-esque relaxation in that bubbling 6-foot bathtub, the east-facing bright and airy guestroom that will flood with sweet pale morning sunlight to arouse our overnight visitors from a very restful slumber .... then I opened my eyes and the fairy tale fizzled like a balloon popped with a tack.

Really, it's not that bad. Well, not once I get it out. Ha. I'm finally beginning to see the structure in my head for the kitchen, it only took four months for me to be able to visualize it all, so I'm doing better.