Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Feeling like failure

Sadly, we failed our plumbing inspection yesterday. Apparently the term "partial" inspection we used when setting the appointment wasn't good enough, and so he was expecting a full-on system ready to go.

I've tossed it over and over in my mind. Maybe its because the inspector was new on the job and out to prove himself. Maybe when he learned this was done by the owner, that he was out to teach a lesson. Maybe the six problems were all minor and innocent enough by themselves, but when combined, simply amounted to too much error.

Whatever the reason, we're now looking at a not-so-independant weekend to fix the problems. We can't get the flooring people to continue until the following are fixed:

- Apparently the condensate water that comes from a furnace (you know, drip. drip. drip), is far to excessive (sarcasm) to put down a 4-inch vent pipe from the toilet below. This is known as "wet venting" and is prohibited. What if that drain blocked the sewer gases from escaping below? Arg.

- Unfortunately, this means running a new drainline, roughly where the wall between the first floor bath and kitchen is. Since there's a lot of cast iron there, we have to remove the entire existing plumbing stack. Which we have to do anyway because the inspector said if we change to PVC anywhere on the stack, everything else must be PVC.

- On a different note, the point where the vent exits the roof is too close to the skylight. We had it 7 feet away (which is fine with illinois plumbing code), but OP needs it 12. So we have an unusable hole in our roof, and must re-route the vent.

These are the biggest issues. The others are smaller and aren't worth mentioning. Or maybe I'm too frustrated to do so. At any rate, Jen has gone to the evil village, and purchased a copy of the code amendments (a very new service they offer), so we can study up and be prepared for the re-inspection next week. We only get one of these, and then we have to start paying extra fees, so hopefully we can slip it by.

Oh, of course, the framing inspection went fine. There is only one minor correction needed.

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That sucks!!!