Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who says you need a roof?

Well, they've done it. They cut open our attic roof to make way for the dormer, and it was truly a marvel to see how much a 20-foot skylight changes things. I don't know if I can fully describe in words, so I'll just post some pix (click images for larger view):

It started innocently enough by cutting the angled part of the attic roof.

Then it proceeded to a 20-foot long hole! They had to erect a temporary wall to hold up the opposite side of the roof.

Cross section of the area behind the chimney (looking East):

... And the other side of the chimney, which we discovered is in desperate need of repair. Jen is a fan of all the light upstairs, as long as it doesn't rain.

When the workers left for the day, our attic became a tinted shade of blue as they tarped off the hole. Looking up at the soothing blues almost make us forget we live amidst chaos. Almost.


Julie said...

Jen... You look so pretty, a beauty smiling in a Red Cross disaster zone... :-( Damn FEMA!

Jen said...

Finally, someone sees the true lovliness that is me ... in the wake of scary scary (yet positive) destruction

Julie said...

Hey... that's what friends are for.
Tearing down walls, kicking through them, almost burning your porch down and telling your your pretty when your amongst a good way?!?!!!