Monday, July 24, 2006

How it feels to live in HumphreyHouse

Over the past weekend, we saw many friends and family members, who invariabily asked "How's the house coming?"

Well, sometimes it just gets overwhelming, so much so that it can almost be difficult to express in words. That is, until you find a cartoon that sums it up perfectly:

Also interesting was that the Chicago Tribune devoted an article to "houseblogging" on Friday - yes, there is a term for what we do here at HumphreyHouse. And others who do it too! In fact, for those inclined, you can read (or commisserate) with others over at


feliciak said...

I agree with that cartoon! It's why my last two (previous) houses were new. I slept on the couch at my parents for a summer while home from college...because my bedroom was becoming a bathroom (oh, a new bedroom was added where my favorite birch tree was). Being awakened by contractors schlepping through at 7:30 while I'm still lying on the couch...not a fun memory!

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