Thursday, July 27, 2006

The 'Lectre is coming!

When my cousin Chase was around 5 years old, he had a tendancy to give special powers to his toys. The action figures invariably had the ability to "Lectre" any villians. I thought this was some wierd invention he came up with, or maybe something was lost in translation due to the foreign culture (he's from the South). After all, he later told me how he wanted to be a firetruck when he grew up. But after several weeks, it finally dawned on me that this was his shorthand for "Electricity."

We at HumphreyHouse are looking forward to this weekend, when our electrician Fred will be coming over to Lectre the upstairs. While it is doubtful he will complete everything, hopefully we will at least get some decent lights up there, and be able to walk up and down the stairs without tripping over extension cords anymore.

Maybe Fred can even teach Jay how to measure and bend conduit on his own for the future, too! We can only hope that our anticipated 99 degree highs (with 80% humidity) can be tempered with the extra window A/C unit and temporary HVAC we've routed from downstairs. Or hopefully at least enough to avoid dehydration.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I didn't know ya'll were so handy around the house! Feel free to come rebuild our deck when you get bored, or are in need of some good old fashioned Atl recknecks. ;)

I love the story about Chase! I don't remember the Lectre thing, but I DEFINATELY remember the firetruck thing. It's one of my favorite stories, haha.

Miss ya'll!! If you have a myspace page, Chase and I both have one, it's so useful for keeping in touch, so let me know if you have one and I'll add you.


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