Thursday, October 05, 2006

Serenity now, dammit

As all our visitors of late have noticed, the sanctuary of the backyard is totally gone these days, having been stripped of all green by virute of serving as storeyard for the upstairs de/construction. Apparently all that grass dutifully tended by Sara and Jason for the past year only had one good party in it. So we're growing more. We're trying to anyway, if Sam the Bunny will give us a break.

But sweet serenity has returned to the Humphrey House. At least a little. After grustling about it for a year, I finally got a move on this past weekend and cleaned off the front porch. Lovely, isn't it?


dad said...

the porch looks pretty cool!

consider adding a larger fixture to throw more light than the old porch lite up there.

A2artteacher said...

That porch is adorable. I have that same style porch in Ann Arbor. Have you worked on those windows yet? Do they have storms?

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