Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wall covering has come

Drywall started magically appearing on the walls of our attic. At least, that how it seems when you leave for work and come home with new walls! What a difference hiring the pros makes - talk about the ultimate Easy Button!

Our garage was full of drywall - 70 sheets! - at the beginning of the week and we're down to about 10 now (sidenote: always buy extras for any project. Going back to return unused merchandise is so much more rewarding than running out to get more of something in order to finish the job!). We're installing several different types of drywall:

  • Standard 1/2" 4-foot by 8-foot sheets on the walls

  • Standard 5/8" 4-foot by 8-foot sheets on the ceilings

  • Standard 3/8" 4-foot by 8-foot sheets on top of older damaged 3/8" drywall in our stairwell

  • 1/2" 3-foot by 5-foot cementboard (Durock) in the shower and tile area surrounding the bathtub

  • Moisture-resistant "greenboard" 1/2" 4-foot by 8-foot sheets in the bathroom

The most interesting is the cement-board and greenboard in the bathroom. When Sara came by and saw the greenboard the other day she said "wow, you've already started painting in here!" Sorry Sara, but not quite. "Greenboard" contains an oil-based additive in the green colored paper covering that provides moisture resistance. Since we're adding a steam shower in our bathroom, we're making sure every surface has this installed.

The cement board, while difficult (and heavy!) to work with, is much better for wet water areas like our custom sized shower. Greenboard is not suitable for backerboard in this instance, and as of 01/2006 is no longer accepted in building code (International Residential Code R702.3.8). So grudgingly, I admit that building codes have their uses. I don't want to lean against the wall while taking a shower and have my hand fall through it like others have done.

So now that most of the wallboard is installed (only cementboard to go), our crew is working on the next step - plastering all the joints and screwholes. And then comes the messy part - sanding. I'm already trying to seal off the rest of the house so we have at least some kind of dust-free zone.


Jennifer said...

Yeah, can you just imagine, leaning lightly against the wall in the steamy shower after a long crappy day at work, relaxing, ah, the water feels good on your face, so nice to wash the day - what the hell? Did i just fall through the WALL???

Julie said...

Ummm.....you would have to break throuh the plastic condom that surrounds the shower stall to get through the actual wall..

I got a little crazy with the plastic sheeting.

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