Sunday, January 14, 2007

MIA ... again

Just an update.
There's only been one guy here the past week, working on finishing the mudding of the drywall. He's done now. Contractor called on Thurs, apologized for this all taking so long, and vowed to show up, full crew, Friday. All that's left is the sanding and priming.

Again, not so much.
Jason called. He assured Jason he'd be there Saturday morning. We had plans and had to leave the house by 3. Jay called him around 11, and he said they'd be here between 2 and 3.

We left at 3:30.

He called at 4pm, saying he was on his way over. Jay told him that wouldn't work, becuase we had plans and had left the house so they had no access. He said he'd be here today, Sunday, at 3 instead.

Guess what?

Aw hell. At least the Bears won. :)