Monday, January 15, 2007

Tag ... we're it!

Fellow Oak Parkers tiny oak park bungalow have tagged us ... so we're going to tell you, dear reader, five things about us you didn't know!

1. Before we bought Humphrey House, we lived in a condo - Jason didn't even want to consider a house. He convinced me that we should live in a condo when we moved to Chicago (from Urbana, where we met at U of I) because he didn't want to get bogged down doing yardwork and worrying about home repairs. HA.

2. We do freelance graphic design/web design/pr to support our bungalow habit. :) we make things pretty for you and you make things pretty for us!

3. We have two kitty cats who think they are dogs, merlin and cosmo. Merlin is 7, a grey tabby with an small body and a freakishly long tail, who has never meowed and has developed a bit of a breathing problem of late. Cosmo is five months old, all black with two white hairs and is already 3/4 of Merlin's size. The both play fetch and try to kill each other all day long. Sometimes they snuggle, too.

4. We're rock stars. Well, Jason has more of a rock-star cred than me, having appeared on the mainstage at the House of Blues not once but TWICE so far, playing bass for Frank Tribes (, another one designed by us). They've got a new album out called GALLERY. It's got a nice groove, and is available on iTunes! My baby can rock the bass.
As for me, I used to sing with an industrial band (we were evanescence before they were cool) with the exceptionally tacky name Torn Skin that was acutally signed to a label (and of course we broke up within six months), and more recently sang for Bad Nurse ( - you can listen to me sing!). Now I just wish I had time to be in a band and write some tunes, coz it's the one thing I'm actually good at without trying, but am adjusting to being married to a soopastar for the time being.

5. We have a love/hate relationship with television. More specifically, with cable. We got so much more done before cable. SIGH ...


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