Wednesday, January 03, 2007

They're baaaaaack ....

Yesterday afternoon I had Jason call his father and stepmom, who've had their fair share of renovation/remodeling/construction experiences, to give us their opinion about our contractors not showing up lately. When I got home from work, Jay said he'd been advised to cut them some slack, and not to worry since we had some of their tools - they'd be showing back up sooner or later. We could start to worry if they hadn't shown up by next Monday.

Monday?!? I took a deep breath, and mentally began giving out some slack on my home-renovation fishing line. A little, anyways. Monday, really? Okay. Breathe. I can deal. We could look at carpet. Pick out wall colors. Keep busy. MONDAY????

It's hard to keep things in perspective sometimes when you're thisclose to moving out of the basement.

But Bob was right. The contractors came this morning. Well, one of them anyway. We got a phone call last night from the guy, saying the contractor had been trying to get a hold of us with no success (?), and promising to be there in the morning. At 8:30, he arrived, telling us more would follow.

So there's a good. YAY!

But I'd still like to hear from others on how they've handled situations like these. As we're the folks always likely to go with the lowest bidder, we might find ourselves stuck again and no wiser. What have YOU done???


Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

I had a similar situation with an electrician. This was wade more difficult as the guy was a friend's brother. He started the work - actually got most of it done and didn't come back to finish. I called and left a message that I would be hiring someone else to finish (more as a threat because I really didn't want to do this). After 2 weeks of no show, we decided to get somone else to complete the work and did not pay the first guy. We have not heard a complaint from the first electrician. I guess if you give firm notice - maybe in writing if you have a written contract - you could always get a replacement contractor or maybe this would be enough to get the guys in line? Good luck.


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