Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You're Fired

Our contractors never came back. So, after several more phone calls, we called our lawyer on Friday, and on Saturday prepared a formal You're Fired note. I tried to fax it to the number we had, and it just kept hanging up. So I decided to deliver it in person. DF Sara, who's been a process server in the past, offered to come with me and get their signature. So we traveled to the address on their business card, which listed a street and a suite number.

Said suite number ended up really being a PO Box number inside a closed UPS Store.


So we came back to the house and set about the task of finishing the upstairs. We got about a quarter of the way through. Sara and I worked on wiping down the walls and starting on primer in a few areas while Jason did taping and mudding and hanging a few last pieces of drywall in the closets. We're on our way. I figure we've got about two more days before we can start actually painting anywhere. There's two areas still needing sanding, and then we've got the priming to do as well. But we're on our way ....

And we've learned a lesson or two as well.

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