Wednesday, March 14, 2007

can i have some cheese to go with this whine? plus meet the new lewis & clark ...

oooooohhhhhh, I'm depressed. After THREE reschedulings on our part, we (okay, mostly Jason) worked really really hard and slept very very little to have the upstairs pretty much ready for carpet this morning. We painted, patched, brushed and swept, nailed, secured, laughed and wept and dammit we were READY.

They're not coming.


They said something about being shorthanded, yet I can't help but feel it is payback for our postponements. Originally this was scheduled exactly thirty days beforehand (Feb 14). But we've just been so damned BUSY. And of course, there was a lot more than we realized to do! Isn't that always the case? argledybargle. #@?! See why I need the cheese?


In other news, Merlin and Cosmo have been rechristened Lewis & Clark, after a breakout expedition last evening that took them 'round the Humphrey House neighborhood. Yep, you got it folks, Cosmo/Clark is officially a bad influence. For years Merlin has looked through screen windows at the world outside, occassionally pawing but never daring an actual escape. So I felt little to no trepidation last night opening the basement level window in our makeshift bedroom to allow some fresh air in, knowing the screen was locked firmly in place. The cats jumped up to the sill and sniffed at the air, and I left them there. Two hours later, when I came into the room to check on them, they were nowhere to be found, and the screen was laying on the ground outside. I went outside and called them, and Cosmo came out of hiding almost right away, trying to sneak back into the window behind me - but Jason caught him. Merlin was more elusive. After about fifteen minutes I'd made two trips up and down the alley, and found two teenagers making out and a pretty white kitty, but no Merlin. I had just finished my first trip down the street when I saw Merlin coming out of the brush next door, heading for the still open window and looking like a kid sneaking in after breaking curfew.

Damn cats. But you'd all be proud - I reigned the panic in pretty well, if I do say so myself. The power of pinking thositively is not to be underestimated ... but still, damn cats.

Which brings us to a whole new dilemma ... what to do about the windows upstairs with their measly screens now that Cosmo has gotten wise?


Anonymous said...

My cats have fallen out of a screened window before. I put one or tension rods at cat height in all my windows and it has worked for 3 years.

jay said...

What a brilliant idea! We've got a few tension rods laying around, so we'll have to give that a shot.