Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Finished Wallspace

What do you get when you combine Shepherd's Pie, a comfy futon and an aunt who knows how to wield a fine art brush (besides one pissed off doggie in a cage?) A BEAUTIFULLY PAINTED UPSTAIRS, THAT'S WHAT! Thanks to my mom's sister, Linda Sue (alternately known as Aunt Linda, Aunt Suzie, and The Queen of the Dolls), our upstairs boudoir is AMAZING. I mean really really lovely. She painted it so well. Using my fine art brushes from Jen's Non-Digital Art Period of 2003 (love to see that scene make a comeback after the house is done), Aunt Suzie turned my sloppy cut-ins on the Pebble Beach accent wall into this:

She really did a lovely job. THANK YOU SO MUCH AUNT SUZIE!