Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What, THIS failed inspection?

Last week we had our final electrical inspection for our upstairs renovation, which the inspector promptly informed us that we failed before setting foot upstairs. Why? Well, while we had grown quite comfortable with the messy hole in our hallway ceiling and light fixture from repairing the upstairs floors, it seems newcomers to HumphreyHouse just don't have that same affinity.

But after convincing him that this was all part of another project (Kitchen reconfiguration), he reluctantly went upstairs. Where he failed us anyway. Lessons learned:

  • If you run low-voltage wire (speaker, phone, cable), be sure it is "routed" cleanly and anchored every 3 feet.

  • There are rules for closet lighting. Basically use a globe-style florescent, not a regular incandesent bulb. Incidently, laundry rooms don't have this requirement.

  • Have supporting documentation from previous inspections at and to produce evidence if requested.

Take two of the electrical inspection will be Thursday, along with our final plumbing inspection and even the HVAC / Building inspection. Here's hoping for an occupancy permit!