Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Invasion of the Spheres

When designing all the things we wanted in our upstairs remodel, we thought of all kinds of neat inclusions such as:

  • Centrally wired in-ceiling speakers: two in our bedroom, one in the bath, one in the spare BR.
  • Flush globe fixture in our Bedroom, when we're not using our romantic sconces.
  • Suntunnels, which let in so much daylight we don't turn on lights during the day
  • Recessed lights in areas with low (7 foot) ceilings (hallway, spare BR)
  • Required safety - hardwired, interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
All different systems that sound cool and function pretty well, and keep it from feeling less like a dark, cramped converted attic and more like bright, airy living space.

You awaken from a wild dream, and, upon opening your eyes, are briefly are tortured by an onslaught of UFO's flying down to you. It's an invasion!

Had I known that these spheres would provide a celestial effect and remind me of Spheres, we might have totally exploited it and intentionally lined things up mimicking planets with moons and planetary rings, an entire solar system, or even an alien invasion! Since it may be difficult to imagine, I have a color-coded key for you:
Green = ceiling speaker
Yellow = suntunnel
Blue = recessed can light
Red = smoke detector
Purple = smoke / monoxide

Scary, isn't it? And that's without adding in the Spheres in our master BR!

At any rate, this certainly is yet another interesting byproduct of HumphreyHouse's evolution.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Finally out of the dungeon

While we've enjoyed the fruits of our labor from two years ago, it is nice to depart the dwelling space of our basement and finally be able to ascend to the second floor. Yes, that's right, our 2nd floor remodel and dormer bath is complete.

We managed to finally pass all our inspections (after multiple attempts), including the Final Building inspection today, and we can now inhabit the area as living space! I really don't know if the emotions can properly be put down into words, so here are some photos of the finished space.

The master bedroom...

Looking down the hallway to the 2nd Bedroom (love the salvaged oak doors we found for our laundry area!)...

And the cool serenity of our completed bathroom...

I'm sure Jen will find more photos to post, but I couldn't wait to get something up. Now we have a nice peaceful area to live in while we dream, plan, and work on creating a kitchen for the first floor.