Friday, September 28, 2007

W're rock stars ... WSJ Article Came Out Today!

Something we at Humphrey House have been keeping as a secret can now be told. We were one of several people interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for a story about people that host Renovation Parties, titled "The Three Martini Renovation" which mentions us and even our frequent reveler Scott.

We couldn't be where we are today with all the help our friends and family have given us. Whether it was from our New Years Party after first moving into our home, the many demolition derbies we've had, helping with out with all sorts of miscellaneous jobs, or just coming out to scare people, we owe them our sincere thanks and gratitude. Thanks everyone!


JimV said...

Our project was also (briefly) covered in "Three Martini Renovation". In fact, that's how I found out about!

Anonymous said...

typo typo

jay said...

somehow i just know that was julie ... good catch, all better now?

jay said...

Jim - glad to discover you as well. is a great resource for home-bloggers, and has been very helpful for ideas and solutions.

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