Friday, November 02, 2007

The Wrecking Crew's 15 Minutes Are HERE!

Yup, this is it. Our fifteen minutes have come. And we're pretty damn happy about how it all worked out. This morning a segment aired on NBC's TODAY Show that featured Humphrey House and the regulars of the Wrecking Crew doing what we do best: some serious demolition.

A few weeks ago (just after part one of the kitchen demo) we were contacted by producers at NBC's TODAY show, who were looking to film a segment on renovation parties. We were wary after the 'Three Martini Renovation" article, but several emails and phone conversations later, we started to get excited.

The day the crew arrived to shoot we had planned for about 10 people to come over. Sara got the flu, Brian got a job, and so it ended up being Jason and I, plus Kenny (daddoo), Scott, Julie, Mark and Amy. We ended up doing about 90% of the demo work for the kitchen, including removing the cabinets, the wall, the appliances and most of the interior walls. Jenna Wolfe, the correspondent for the piece, was lethal with the sledgehammer - she had some serious power going on. [I have to wonder, Jenna, could you lift your arms the next day?] I worried a bit about the two-person video crew as we were taking out the wall with them on the other side, but they never complained. And then once it was dinner time - we really did work all day - we used the last remaining light to chill in the back with Jay and Scott on guitar (sara, we missed you!) and Mark on the grill. All in all, a pretty good demo day.

Both Jenna and her producer Meredith were very cool to work with for the day, and we couldn't be more pleased with the piece that they put together. They kept the focus where it really belongs: on the fact we couldn't do this without the support and hard work from our friends and family.


Sandy said...

Got to see the clip courtesy of House in Progress (couldn't watch the show - was working). It was great, and yes, they did a great job of telling like it is!

Rosemarie said...

I just found your blog via House in Progress - the NBC clip was very cool and such a cool memoire to have of your house renovation!

Jim said...

That's a marked improvement over the "Three Martini Renovation" spin! (All my friends and family are still pissed about how much time they wasted on interviews with Jennifer!)

Sounds like this happened on a weekday? I wish my boss was a little more flexible with my vacation time! It's been a real drag trying to do most of our project on evenings and weekends. :(

Jen said...

Nope, Jim, we're weekend warriors just like you ... hence here we are, three years into a one year project ... :)

Jim said...

Well, good luck to you! We're hoping to wrap up the first phase of our addition/remodel by mid-December, more than 2.5 years into a six- or eight month project.

Jen said...

See, you know what we're talking about ... :)

Jim said...

Sadly, yes... I know exactly what you're talking about. Hang in there!

Debbie Egizio said...

The segment was great! So good to see you guys!

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