Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Beginning to look a lot like

2007 will be the Year Without A Christmas Tree here at Humphrey House due to our current lack of space and general state of chaos, so I decided to try my hand at doing some decorating outside.

We also are lacking power on the porch area due to the bathroom light fiasco, so my plan was to use straight up decoration and no lights. Thanks to Boy Scout Troop #49 for providing me with the lovely pine garland and "36 double d" wreath (that was a little disturbing to hear over and over) at a discount (sometimes it pays to show up late) and to dadoo for helping me to hang it up before the sleet and snow arrived and would have made standing on a ladder on our sloping stairs especially dangerous! I bought some "unbreakable" ornaments at Ace yesterday and when Jay came home we attached them to the wreath and the garland as high up as we could go (Scott, we needed you! :) Anyways, it all came out pretty, if a bit old-fashioned. Getting me in the mood if nothing else!


jm_houseinprogress said...

Otherwise known as the Mae West wreath?

Mike&Angie said...

No Christmas/Yule decorations at our house this year either. We are going to be scraping paint and jacking up the floor over the holidays . . .

Sandy said...

I think understated definitely has it's place. Looks a lot more elegant than the ones that have a gazillion things all over the house and the lawn. The red looks so pretty!

Jim said...

Looks great! We don't get snow out here in Sacramento, so I don't think we could pull that off anywhere near as picturesque as y'all have done.

-- Jim
Our remodel blog

JulieJohnJack said...

Your house looks great! Only we know what's inside.... :-) Human hair???

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