Thursday, January 10, 2008

Color Me Svelte ...

Well, our kitchen, anyway. We finally settled on paint colors AND countertop choice - YAY! David Gulyas (see post below) brought over the complete Sherwin Williams collection for us to go through with large swatches for each, which was overwhelming but ultimately fun. David coached us through some good color selections. We went back and forth quite a bit, whittling it down to our final choices, but finally have a full palette for the kitchen. Check it out!

We ended up getting the paint matched elsewhere - SW is a little pricey for our dear little pocketbook. (Jay, wanna post about the horrors and the goods?) We're finishing priming this evening, and then Jason's sister graciously offered up her mad skills (and that of her beau) to paint on Friday, which means we'll be ready for hanging the cabinets this weekend! Things are finally coming together, and I just can't tell you how excited I am!!!!


Jennifer said...

Exciting that it's coming together! I like the paint choices alot. We had a 1920's apartment in that color scheme and it was just wonderful and airy to be in!

Adam F said...

Jason --

Long time bro. This is really cool. My wife and I are into making our own household cleaning products. Anyway, send me and email with your proper email so we can catch up.

Adam F (UIUC)