Friday, January 11, 2008

In Living Color

Jason's sister Jennifer and her boyfriend Bill offered us a fabulous gift for our 31st birthdays in 2007 - their time and energy to paint a room in our house (they run a small faux/mural/painting biz out of Aurora). So we went to work Friday morning with white primed walls and came home to lemon drop ceilings, svelte green walls and an empire gold nook! The colors look really fabulous together - I don't think it could be more perfect. Jenny and Bill did an amazing job - and they did all the cut-in by hand - no tape! Looks fantastic. They really did a lovely job.

There were some issues with the paint product we used for the empire gold nook - we had gotten dutch boy for that area and after three coats there is still some bleed through and the paint doesn't seem to stick to the walls. Bill said it's not unheard of to get a bad batch of paint, one that simply didn't get enough glue in the mixing process. Jay is going to go to Menard's to see if we can get a refund, and Bill offered to come back once we get different paint.

But in the meantime, it still really does look great. The colors blend so well, and you can tell it was done professionally versus me doing it. :) We plan on having Jenny & Bill back to do the hallway in a faux - should be a great cover for the several coats of painted-over wallpaper that's left the wall texture pretty rough, seamed and cracked. But with their able hands, I'm sure it will look awesome ...

I really am falling in love with this kitchen ... makes up for all the frustration I've been all stressed about lately with dear old Humphrey House. Feeling very ... attached.

:) Now we get ready for CABINETS!


jay said...

They did indeed do a spectacular job. And I really liked that my sister is wearing a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt I got for her in Paris over 15 years ago!

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