Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Leaving our Presents for the Future

As people have done in the past, we at HH like to leave little surprises for future remodelers. Whether it's something simple as our initials or a date, layers of drywall castoffs buried in the walls (hey, it's good sound insulation), beer bottles walled up, or even a poetic note. We love it all.

The joy of finding hidden treasures in our walls help us ensure that future owners (FO's) won't miss out on the excitement either. With that in mind, we left a calling card on the walls behind our cabinets, wrapped up for a Humphrey House FO.

Sorry you didn't like our cabinets.
We did. We loved 'em.
Oh well. Jason and I (and our friends and families) worked very hard on this house.
We've practically rebuilt the whole thing.
We were even on NBC's "Today Show" on 11/02/2007.
Go look it up.
Okay, I have the flu and must get back in bed.
Good luck with Humphrey House, and I hope you like your new cabinets.
Jennifer La Fleur

PS. Good luck trying to put anything inside the walls.
This is Solid Foam Insulation, Baby! :-)


Fred said...

Gotta tell ya that every project my wife and I do includes a notice to the FO. I love that you wrote about it, and might have to steal the idea to write about some of our own (course I'll throw the link back here too).

But what's really impressive is the creativity in your note. Ours usually just says, "F+K 4EVR" or something equally nerdy.

One Project Closer

jay said...

Hey nothing wrong with a little nerdiness! Honestly, if Jen wasn't in a flu-induced state of mind it probably would have remained simply a date. Now, some FO will have a clear window into our craziness.