Sunday, January 20, 2008

Subzero Winter Temps are no match for Foam

Despite the blustery winter chill gripping Chicago this weekend, our kitchen has been remarkably cozy and warm. It turns out our foam insulation installer was right - Harsh winds are stopped outside our home from coming in while we merrily continued to finish the cabinet installation and hook up some of our lighting fixtures. Jen is really excited about the lights, so I'll let her post about it along with some photos soon.

But, i just wanted to let everyone know that if you're considering different types of insulation and live in a place with harsh climates, I encourage you to consider foam insulation (or in our case, soy foam).


Sandy said...


Fred said...

Glad to know that the foam worked well for you. I'm about to finish a basement room myself and was considering normal fiberglass r-13 insulation. Did you find a web resource that said foam was a better choice? What R-value does the foam provide?

One Project Closer

jay said...

I actually heard about foam awhile ago, but got to talk with a number of manufacturers at GreenBuild last november, as well as cellulose. Only the foam stops air though. We used the closed-cell foam (cures hard) which has a higher R-value, rrated at R-22 in a 2x4 wall cavity. but I'm serious about the air infiltration issue. With the high, sometimes howling winds we've had so far this winter, the rest of the house is pretty drafty, but our kitchen / family room area has been toasty comfortable. For a basement, A more affordable work around (i did this in part of our basement) might be to buy 4x8 solid foam board panels at say 2" or 3" thick, cut it to fit between the walls, and then seal the four sides of the panel to the framing with Great Stuff. you'll get a similar air barrier.

kingsley said...

We just had our attic insulated with Icynene (water based, open cell foam). Of course we missed the harshest part of winter, but hopefully the heating bills will be lower next year! It has made an amazing difference with noise and it leaked out of the soffit in places, so you can see how many drafty spots we had. The R value is 3.6 per inch and they advertise no loss of R value over time.

jay said...

Yeah, open cell works well too. Slightly lower R-value, but also a slightly lower cost. :-)

Interesting to learn Icynene is sprayed with water too. Thanks!

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