Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And on the 1,127th day ....


After weeks and weeks of endless searching, and armed with our home depot gift cards from Christmas (our families ROCK), Jay and I finally found lighting fixtures we could agree on. From Hampton Bay's Rock Creek Collection, may I present the most well-lit kitchen this side of the Mississippi!

Mark and Jason went on an installation binge the other day with these babies, as well as one light we discovered in our garage we only vaguely remembered buying a few years ago (sidebar: while we both recall it was for our dining room and it was stained glass, jason thought it was square-shaped and I seemed to recall it being green). This light actually turned out to really rock in the space we'd now deemed it for (the nook). YAY!


Sandy said...

LOVE that stained glass light! Awesome!!!

Fred said...

I agree with Sandy - that stained glass looks WAY better than the ones we just took out. I also like the black chandalier-style lamp you put up. We just put up a six-globe version that is very similar looking in our dining room, and we LOVE it.

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