Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lost Post: Repurposed gynasium floors

A while back, Jen mentioned that our hardwood floor installers filled the large gaping hole left after we removed the old kitchen wall by patching it in with some old gym floors. This might have left you wondering, "how do you know that?"

Well, after finally downloading some photos from our camera, we have the documented proof of this interesting way of using recycled building materials. Here is the patch where the original kitchen/bedroom wall used to be located (my, how things have changed):

And another, closer view showing the patched floors:

This final photo shows a bit of floor that needed to be patched as a result of widening the stairs, and leaving a nice open area to allow light from the stairwell to flood the family room / kitchen. You can really see some of the painted gym floor logo on this one:

As odd of a choice as it may seem, once the patches were sanded, the new maple blended in with the old maple pretty well. I just might have to grab the b-ball out of the garage and see if some of the talent that once graced that maple rubs off onto me. :-)


Mabel Sugar said...

You better not, buddy, unless you want that TV to rain glass like a backboard at a college ball game ... !!!!

Besides, I'm the ball player in the family ...

Sandy said...

Nipped that right in the bud! Good nix mabel sugar! LOL

Julie said...

When did Jay own a basketball????

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