Sunday, July 20, 2008

This Old Soy House

Several people have contacted us inquiring about the article from the July/August issue of This Old House with our story on soy foam insulation.

Well, the good folks from TOH have now put the Soybean: Innovative Insulation article up on their web site for your viewing pleasure.



Anonymous said...

I have read that "soy foam" only contains a small amount of soy. It is primarily a petroleum based product to which some chemically modified soy has been added.

jay said...

I'm not a chemist, but considering the stuff looks and smells different from traditional petroleum-based foam, I would intuitively say the composition is not primarily petroleum-based. Of course, the foam manufacturer, BioBased, would be able to help out further.

Nicholas said...

After a year of having the soybean insulation in your home, are you still recommending it? Any problems? We are getting ready to build a new home and wondering if we should use the stuff.

jay said...

It's been almost two years now (that the living space has been done), and we've been happy with it. It's kind of expensive, but I would recommend it in a heartbeat. In fact, I know some builders that will put an inch or two of the foam in, and then fill up the excess cavity with dense pack cellulose. That way you get the airsealing of foam, and a great R-value. If I was building a new from scratch, I would do it that way - but also add 1" foam board on the exterior sheathing to stop any thermal bridging from the wall studs (which are only R-4 or R-6. Good luck!

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