Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays at Humphrey House

Having passed significant remodeling milestones this year (i.e. having a working kitchen), we've found Humphrey House has become a wonderful home to host our families over the holidays. It started on Thanksgiving with Jen's parents and Jay's mom's family all coming over for dinner. The event went so well (and comfortably fit twelve adults and five children) that we invited everyone back for an early Christmas last weekend (actually, on the solstice last Sunday).

It's funny how well some of the decorations we purchased several years (and apartments) ago work so well in our home, especially around the fireplace in the living room and bay window in our dining room. They look like they were meant to be, resulting in displays that Martha Stewart would even be proud of!

The best part of the photo above is our fireplace. Shortly after purchasing the house, we learned that the chimney lining was missing several flue tiles. Unless we wanted creosote build-up to catch fire and burn down the house (which was tempting at various times in the past four years), using the fireplace is just too dangerous until the chimney is either relined or upgraded with a pellet fireplace insert.

Anyway, as we took our Christmas decorations out of storage and tested light strands, we found one balled up strand that was flickering white lights. Sudden inspiration struck Jen, and she put the ball of lights behind the fireplace screen, which instantly transformed the hearth from a black hole into a darn-near-perfect representation of fire. I still occasionally find myself caught off-guard the flickering out of the corner of my eye and wondering why the room isn't warmer!

After a few years putting decorating on hold, Humphrey House is very thankful for finally being done up for Christmas. It's been so good in fact, that Santa came by a bit early to wish us and our blog readers a Merry Christmas!


Sandy said...

Just beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Jan said...

what a lovely dining room and charming fireplace scene. I've been following your story for a long time now--went back several months ago to read from the beginning and now you are on my Google Home Page for me to note any new developments. Thanks for sharing your progress and your lives with us. I feel I would know you all if I ever visited Chicago, and could stop by for a tour. Jan

Mabel Sugar said...

thanks for the well wishes, sandy - same to you!! and jan, i think that's the best comment we've ever had - thank you! :)

Tiny Oak Park Bungalow said...

Happy New Years guys, The place looks great. Does your Santa do parties? We'll have to keep it in mind for next year.

Jenn Keyser said...

So pretty! And a suggestion for Jen's fireplace next year,get short strings of red and white lights that blink and put them in there. It will look even more realistic.

purejuice said...

that really is the housewarming, i think. merry christmas guys, well done.

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