Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where the heck is Humphrey House?

We've been noticeably absent for a month or two from updating our blog. I'm starting to feel quite guilty about it, but the fact is there hasn't been a whole lot of time to write.

We've been busy with a wedding of our close friends Scott and Julie, hosting family, coordinating a 10k race, studying for the LEED AP, teaching classes, and occasionally, Jen and I have actually been able to have a date nite with one another!

Sadly, there are many stories about some of our recent house work that is just waiting to be told - and we have the photos to prove it! We'll have to get back on our blogging horse soon. In the meantime, be comforted to know that we haven't forgotten about; life has just gotten in the way a bit lately.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Humphrey House Musings ...

"His house was perfect, whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking, best, or a pleasant mixture of them all."- Tolkien

This past weekend, Humphrey House was host to eight members of my family who had come to town for a wedding, almost all of whom have at one point or another worked on the house. Then on Sunday, we had about 25 people over for a "morning after" brunch. And it was just lovely to have everyone there. Of course, the kids were disappointed you couldn't write on the walls anymore ... but it was great to know that the chances of them running headlong into an errant dremmel tool or accidentally knocking over a can of paint were slim to none. And everyone seemed to love the house too. They were all very interested to see the exact spot where Scott had fallen through the ceiling - but they had to use their imagination, since we finally (two years later) have patched up that hole. All in all, it was pretty cool to sit and enjoy the house with our family and friends. I am starting to look forward to Thanksgiving, which will be our first time hosting it with our family. Bring on the Turkey!