Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Growing a Garden

With 20-degree weather in northern Illinois, it's difficult to think about the growing season and summer coming. But, before we know it, warmer weather will be upon us. Especially now that our USDA growing zone has been bumped up to a warmer level (Zone 6), in what I love to hear described as not global warming, but global wierding.

Since most of the major renovation projects are out of the way at Humphrey House, and we don't have much money to spend right now anyway, I'm trying something new this summer: planting a vegetable garden. Jen has grown several herbs and peppers each year in our backyard. And we're slowly getting pretty decent at this. Last year our plants were quite successful.

So for 2009, I figured it was time to leap into a full-fledged grow-your-own-food garden this year. Sort of a victory garden for self-sufficiency. After all, you can't get more local then your backyard! We're beginning by starting to grow plants from seeds ourselves. To make things easy, I picked up a seed starting kit made by a company with the deceptive and tempting name, "Jiffy". I'm hopeful that it really is *that* easy to start seeds, and the hardest part is thinking far enough in advance. We will see.

So with the help of a Mother Earth guide to growing your own food, I've started some seeds for a garden that hopefully isn't too ambitious for us:

Current seeds:

To be joined later by:
And maybe even some sweetcorn growing along the garage!

Coming next: Time to find and start planning space in the backyard to grow this garden!


Anonymous said...

If you like Italian cooking you might want to add oregano to the list. Both oregano & thyme make a great ground cover - we plant them in & around the basil & peppers in our garden and once established they really help keep down the weeds.
Cheryl in Orlando

Chris O said...

Don't forget the hops! They grow very tall and could help add some privacy. Plus they smell good when they are picked.

Mabel Sugar said...

mmm, i love oregano. Great idea. And hops, we hadn't thought of that at all .. nice!

Nadja and Sean said...

We've expanded the garden to grow more every year for four years. You'll love the veggies and herbs you can get from your own backyard! It's addicting! I'm in zone 4, so I'm a bit behind you, but keep us posted on your seedling progress! Cascade hops are great for home-brewing, btw :)

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