Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finally Redecorating the Living Room

In our remodeling journey, the overall motivation here is to refinish the floors before baby comes and soon begins crawling on them, but first, we have to fix the walls and ceiling and paint them. You see, the living room has been left mostly how we found it upon taking ownership of Humphrey House. There have been a few small changes, but nothing major. There were however several things needed:

  • We had long ago removed an air duct due to structural concerns, but never patched the hole.
  • The thermostat needed moved out of our dining room into the living room
  • The ceiling needed some serious patch attention after a work above
  • We never were able to insulate above/below the bay windows (finished a day ago).
The floors turned out to be in great shape, and before the final coat was applied, we had Sustain-a-building come back and repair the walls and ceiling, patch, prime, and paint them.

Deciding on paint was an interesting experiment that involved many trips to our local Benjamin Moore store for samples. It was interesting to learn that they are slowly phasing out all high-VOC paints, so all of their paints for indoor use will soon be low or zero-VOC. We will be using the Benjamin Moore Natura line which is zero-VOC paint to keep our indoor air healthy, especially with a pregnant woman in the house. But we eventually settled on a color called Silver Minx for the walls in the Living Room.

Brandon's crew came and did some great work, and painted the ceiling a flat white, the ceiling trim (already painted) a semi-gloss white, and the walls the green/blue. Someday it would be nice to strip the crown molding in this room down to the original wood and refinish it, but now is not the time so we reluctantly added another layer of paint to it.

The wall paint color is interesting - it appears light blue in daylight, but changes to light green at night. Pretty neat.

In this last photo, you can compare the wall on the left with the first photo in this post above and see that the gaping hole where an air duct used to be is now patched in. I actually spent an evening using SOY-Gel stripper, a nice product that performed well. I had some pieces of matching trim from the old kitchen in the garage (thank god I saved them). One coat of the stripper and a few hours later, the layers of paint easily came off. It still took a fair amount of time to scrape the boards in detail and clean them to be stained, but this made patching the wood where the air duct used to be pretty easy for the Sustain-a-building crew.

At long last, the Living Room is ready for the finish flooring.


Sandy said...

Beautiful paint color. Great job on the patching of "the hole".

Chris said...

Now just strip that fireplace and you're all set! Ha. Looks awesome.

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Florence Carole said...

Did you use the Benjamin Moore Natura Interior Waterborne Paint, Eggshell (513) for your wall? Looks great. What's your plan on the flooring?

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portland window cleaning said...

We also finished renovating our living room a few months back. Since we have small and bare windows, we installed valances. The valances make the windows look larger and more interesting.

Catherine Aird said...