Choosing the right drill

A cordless drill is essential if you like to improve your DIY game, found in almost any construction and mechanic’s tools. There are many factors on choosing the best cordless drill, such as the types, power usage and also the function of the machine itself. Here we have listed several considerations on choosing your cordless drill. The drills can be divided into four different types which all can be used depending on the situation: cordless screwdrivers, cordless drills, cordless impact drivers, cordless hammer drivers.

Cordless screwdriver

This drill is packed with the least power in the four drill categories; the cordless screwdriver functions to drive screws, perfect for light tasks such as simple woodworking, hanging pictures on your wall, or minor improvement/repairs on your place. This kind of driver range from 2.4 to 10.8 volts which means it uses the smallest energy compared to other drivers.

Tip: although it can tackle light task without any problems, this drill is not suited for a heavy duty such as drilling big holes, opt for another driver instead.

kshdjkashdkjCordless drill

The most versatile out of the four categories, the cordless drill is capable of drilling holes in the wood or light metal, they can also remove screws with no problem at all. This standard device is perfect for those who like to do home improvements or repairs by themselves, the range of this driver runs from 7.2 to 20 volts, some can go even higher depending on the product.


Cordless impact driversalkjdlk;ajsd

Suited for a burdensome task, they look exactly like cordless drills with a minor difference which is a collet that has hex-shanked driver bits unlike keyless chucks, which is precisely like a cordless drill. This driver is one of the best options in case your projects need to screwdrivers and fasteners, especially if they’re large and long. These impact drivers run on power range around 14.4 to 20 volts.

Cordless hammer drivers

The heaviest and the most potent drivers of the four types of drill categories, the cordless hammer are best on drilling through hard surfaces such as bricks and concrete. Although they weight a lot more and make a louder noise, this professional drill is perfect for home constructions project. Cordless hammer driver’s power range between 18 to 36 volts, it could go even higher, reaching 40 volts.

Tip: usually, this kind of driver is used by professional, if you’re a beginner opt for the cordless driver or the impact driver instead as they’re more comfortable to use, energy-efficient and cost less way more than the cordless hammer driver.